Xinxiang swell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the South outer ring of Xinxiang high tech Zone, surrounded by colleges and universities, scientific research and academic atmosphere. At present, the company has 60 employees, of which scientific and technological talents account for more than 35%. Its business scope covers the R & D and sales of intelligent robot equipment, electrical products, intelligent instruments and meters, sensors, agricultural machinery and accessories; the development of electrical products and operation software and technical consulting services; and the operation of foreign import and export trade.

The R & D base covers Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, with sales network all over the country. The company has a high-quality sales service team covering the whole country, providing comprehensive, meticulous and fast service for customers at any time. In recent years, our company is preparing to build an intelligent maintenance platform research and development team. As a pioneer in the electrical industry, relying on the architecture concept of integrating energy management and digital technology, we have constructed a complete solution for power quality management. The three links of detection analysis governance form a closed loop, providing professional solutions and products for power system and power consuming enterprises We will create a safer and cleaner electricity environment to protect the global green power.

At present, the company has five series of star products, including reactive power compensation controller, composite switch and thyristor switch, intelligent capacitor and network instrument, all of which are independently developed and produced by our company, The company also has modern production workshop, advanced test equipment, electromagnetic compatibility test equipment, SMT automatic chip assembly line and efficient hardware development platform, as well as its own mold development and design team, which can fully guarantee the independent control of the corresponding production of new products, and the quality performance and safety factor can be completely controlled in place, so our company has its own In addition to having independent import and export rights, product brands can also help overseas customers to achieve OEM and ODM production. In 2020, the company also has a strategic layout of the global market. In addition to exporting Chinese products to the world, it has also established an international product exhibition hall. Based on China's import of some representative foreign products, it can realize the promotion or operation and maintenance of international products in domestic channels Complete independent import and export trade work.

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